Needs Assessment and Studies in Educational Establishments of Armavir Region of RA


 Within the frameworks of the "Education Improvement Project Additional financing" loan project, the sub-component ''Promoting School Readiness and equal opportunities at the start of General Education'' has started. In the context of the work of the sub-component, the implementation of new micro-projects of preschools will launch this year in the communities of RA regions. On August 1 and 2, the representatives of the sub-component ''Promoting School Readiness and equal opportunities at the start of General Education'' of the "Center for Educational Programs" carried out working visits to educational institutions of RA Armavir region, in order to assess the needs, study the area and conduct awareness activities. The relevant department of the RA Armavir Regional Administration presented the list of communities of the region in which there is a need to establish a preschool. It should be noted that in the frameworks of the sub-component, the implementation of studies in all regions of the Republic of Armenia has been started since July, as a result of which socially disadvantaged communities and institutions that can provide preschool educational services will be identified. As a result of this process and the analysis of the collected information, observations of the area were launched. The working visits were started from the secondary school of Taronik, of Ra Armavir region, and then the working group of the CEP PIU visited the secondary schools of Lukashin, Myasnikyan, Berkashat, Arazap, Zartonk, Ankashen, Aygeshat, Dalarik, Yervandashat. Within the frameworks of the visits, working meetings were held with the directors of the educational institutions. During the meetings, the representatives of the CEP PIU discussed the appropriateness of the area. It should be noted that the study will be followed by evaluation and promotion works. With additional financing it is intended to create affordable and sustainable preschool educational services in selected communities.


15.03.2023 Grant Agreements for the Establishment of Pre-Schools Within the framework of the " Education Improvement Project " with Additional Financing (EIP AF) loan program the provision of grants for the establishment of preschool institutions is ongoing. The program aims to increase the involvement of children in pre-school education institutions, to prepare children for entering the primary school. During March 1-6meeting with the directors of educational institutions of Armavir, Ararat, Aragatsotn, regions was heldat the Center... 20.02.2023 Schools of Tavush region receive laboratory equipment and property within the framework of the “EU4 Innovation” program The “EU4 Innovation" grant program has been summarized which was launched on October 30, 2020. The objective of the program was to increase the capacities of the National Center for Education Development and Innovation and to enhance the environment for STEM education. The program consists of two components – “Advancement of the National Center for Education Development and Innovation by regulating mechanisms affecting the quality of general education”,... 17.02.2023 Zhanna Andreasyan receives the Director of the Armenian Office of the World Bank Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia Zhanna Andreasyan and Deputy Minister Arthur Martirosyan received World Bank Regional Director for the South Caucasus Sebastian Molineus and Director of the World Bank Office in Armenia Carolin Geginat. Welcoming the guests, Zhanna Andreasyan highlighted the importance of cooperation with the World Bank and assistance in the implementation of reforms in the field of education in Armenia. Emphasizing the...