Expert visits to the educational institutions of the Tavush region of the Republic of Armenia have started


   Based on the state standard of general education, by the orders of the Minister of MESCS of April 30 of 2021, the subject pilot standards and programs of the 2021-2022 academic years have been approved in order to be tested in Tavush region secondary schools.In the context of this works for the purpose of testing the subject standards and programs revised by the Center for Education Projects PIU of MESCS, the working visits of the experimental schools started since May 4, which will be carried out by experts, accompanied by the coordinator of the sub-component "Improving the Quality of General Education through the Review of Educational Curriculum and Standards''.Before the start of the visits, co-financed by the World Bank, within the frameworks of the activities of the sub-component "Improving the Quality of General Education through the Review of Educational Curriculum and Standards" of the "Education Improvement" loan program, the standards for the following areas of education have been developed; Armenian language, Armenian literature, social sciences, foreign languages, art, physical education and safe living activities. By the “Center for Education Projects” PIU conducted also trainings for general education teaching staff, development of educational materials by professional working groups.The expert visits started on May 4 in 4 educational institutions of Tavush region of RA.The expert groups observed the lesson process in Ijevan Basic School, Teghut, Nerkin Karmiraghbyur, Aygedzor secondary schools.It should be noted that more than 32 specialists,who have developed subject standards and educational materials are involved in the working groups set up by the “Center for Education Projects” PIU.It should be added that the subject standards have passed the stage of public-professional discussions before being approved, they were discussed with teachers, community and field professionals.Based on the many suggestions submitted, they have been corrected, edited and revised. It should be mentioned that beginning from May 18 the expert visits will start in Ashtarak N1 basic school as well as in Mughni, Byurakan, Kosh secondary schools of Aragatsotn region of RA.



12.06.2024 Signing of Grant Agreements for the Establishment of Pre-Schools Within the frameworks of the "Education Improvement Project Additional Financing" (EIP AF) loan project the provision of grants for the establishment of preschool institutions is ongoing. The project aims to increase the involvement of children in pre-school education institutions, to prepare children for entering the primary school thus ensuring the smooth transition. On June 10 meetings with the directors of educational institutions of Yerevan were held at the Center for... 10.06.2024 The World Bank Team Discussed " Education Improvement Additional Financing " Loan Program Ongoing Activities with the Center for Education Projects PIU STAFF On June 4, within the frames of the visit to Armenia, the World Bank delegation met with the PIU program staff at the Center for Education Projects. Task Team Leader Ms Shizuka Kunimoto, World Bank Consultant Anna Malkhasyan and World Bank Social Development Specialist Sonya Msryan were a part of the mission. The discussion of the activities performed within the frames of the World Bank-funded "Education Improvement Additional Financing" loan program was the focus center of the... 07.06.2024 The World Bank Team Visited the educational institutions in Armavir Region On June 4, the World Bank team, accompanied by CEP PIU representatives visited educational institutions of the RA Armavir region. Monitoring of the implemented and current work, carried out within the framework of the World Bank co-financed " Education Improvement Additional Financing" loan project, was in the context of the visits. Also the objective of the visits was to meet with principals, teachers, and students to understand how resources were utilized by them, what...