At number 5 High School after M. Gorki of Vagharshapat Armavir Region Renovation Works are in Process


On April 2, the representatives of the "Center for Education Projects" PIU of the RA MESCS paid a working visit to number 5 high school after M. Gorki of Vagharshapat Armavir Region, RA. The purpose of the visit was to discuss issues related to the renovation works of the above mentioned high school. One should remind that within the framework of the "Education Improvement" loan project, the renovation of the above-mentioned high school started on December 2, 2019. Vagharshapat №5 high school after M. Gorki is one of the 8 high schools currently included in the renovation program under the “Support to Secondary School Third Degree Development” sub-component. It must be noted that the start of construction works was set for December 2, 2019, when the "Center for Educational Programs" PIU handed over the construction permits, construction management books and work projects to the representatives of "Karabakh-Shin" LLC, and the duration of construction works is 24 months. During the visit, Vram Boyajyan and Rafael Arzumanyan the coordinators of the " Center for Education Projects " PIU “Support to Secondary School Third Degree Development” sub-component, discussed some issues related to the construction works. The coordinators of the “Support to Secondary School Third Degree Development” sub-component of the " Center for Education Projects " PIU got acquainted with the whole work process. It is worth to mention that the representatives of the CEP PIU within the framework of the previous monitoring registered the completion of the works of strengthening the foundations of the school building, installing the wire mesh and thermal insulation layers of the walls, as well as installation of roof covers, windows and doors. Now the works of building the entrance and connecting the buildings was being summed up. Installation of water supply and ventilation system is in the process. In the areas adjacent to the school improvement works have also been started.



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