Final Monitoring at ASPU


In December 2016, the implementation of the grant program “Modernization of preschool and elementary education through the training of specialists meeting the requirements of the time” was launched in the “Yerevan State Pedagogical University  after Kh. Abovyan” Foundation, within the frameworks of the second (additional) cycle of the Competitive Innovation Foundation (CIF) of the “Education Improvement” loan program. Today the grant program works have already been summarized. On November 21, on this occasion, the representatives of the MESCS and the “Center for Education Projects” PIU toured the newly established multimedia laboratory and research auditoriums, accompanied by Marianna Harutyunyan who is the Head of ASPU International Cooperation Division, Grant Program Coordinator.
"We are convinced that the next indicator of the effectiveness of the work done will be the preparation of a new staff with specialized knowledge in preschool and elementary pedagogy, innovative, practical and research skills and abilities," said M. Harutyunyan.
During the final monitoring, the grant project coordinator talked about the work done, the investments made, as well as detailed the expected results and future goals of the program. It should be noted that the multimedia laboratory and the two research auditoriums, aimed at developing and improving the practical skills of the future teachers, are equipped with the appropriate equipment, computers containing professional programs - an electronic educational platform is created, an electronic library is available.
During the meeting the participants discussed the results set at the beginning of the program, their performance at the level of indicators set out within the monitoring plan. As it was represented by the grant coordinator, the necessary repairs were carried out in a specially designated area as a result of the program. The laboratory and auditoriums were equipped with the necessary furniture and equipment as a result of the program. The grant project coordinator noted that the development works of the e-learning platform and e-library have been completed by the organization selected on the basis of consultant qualification. She also added that the teaching-supportive materials, developed by the individual consultants within the frameworks of the grant program, were also placed on the virtual platform. In addition, the training of the representatives of the university teaching staff on the implementation of the e-learning platform and the e-library was carried out. In the newly created laboratory, Arshak Ghazaryan, an individual consultant providing professional support to the “Center for Education Projects” PIU, observing the e-learning platform, discussed a number of issues related to the start and usability of the e-learning platform and e-library. According to A. Ghazaryan, the results of the works are satisfactory.
Creation of the relevant educational content was also implemented in order to make the best use of the opportunities of the newly created laboratory in the teaching process. M. Harutyunyan noted that the procedures for launching the laboratory are already available - namely the concept and regulation, pre-school and elementary education curriculum with the improved research components. According to the head of the grant program, the creation of the laboratory ensures the realization of the main goal of the program - namely to prepare competitive personnel in the field of pre-school and elementary teaching in accordance with the European standards.


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