Final monitoring at Yerevan Gladzor University


In December 2016 implementation of the grant project “Jurisprudence Specialization Modernization” launched at Yerevan Gladzor University (YGU) within the framework of the Competitive Innovation Fund (CIF). Today works over the project have already been summarized. On this occasion on January 29 the representatives of CEP PIU accompanied by Rima Aydinyan, YGU Grant Project Manager, walked in the newly established Criminalistics Laboratory and Legal Clinic. The visitors were welcomed by the university rector, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor Zh. Jhangiryan. He emphasized that implementation of such projects is aiming to increase the rating of the services provided by the university and its overall reputation to a new high-quality level. “The presence of such infrastructure in the university will allow further enhancement of competitive scientific and innovative potential in the sphere of jurisprudence. We are sure that the further indicator of the performed work efficiency will be the training of new specialists with professional knowledge in the field of jurisprudence”,- added Zh. Jhangiryan.
Grant Project Manager Rima Aydinyan talked about the implemented work, as well as detailed expected outcomes and future goal of the project.
The Criminalistics Laboratory, which is aimed at developing and improving the practical skills of the future as well as currently practicing lawyers, are equipped with mannequins, and computers with installed professional software. As a result of the garant project a unique educational complex in the field of legal skills formation was created, equipped with surveillance software for fingerprinting, financial-economic and judicial-accounting reasearch; appropriate furniture, as well as specialized educational literature.
According to the Grant Project Manager the implementation of the project's main goal, that is to say preparation of competitive specialists in legal practice in line with European standards is being provided by the establishment of the Criminalistics Laboratory. Observing equipment in the newly established laboratory, individual consultant Tigran Poghosyan who is providing Professional Assistance to CEP PIU discussed a number of issues related to the launch and maintenance of laboratory equipment.
In the course of the meeting, the participants discussed the results of the project following th indicators defined in the monitoring plan. As the Grant project manager presented, the necessary repairment was carried out in the specially separated area. As a result of the project, the center was equipped with the necessary furniture and hardware, as well with the equipment for expertise, investigative suitcases, criminalistics training stands and collections. For the best use in the educational process of the capabilities of the newly established laboratory the development of appropriate educational content has also been implemented. According to R. Aydinyan as a result of the grant project the university has also developed curriculum for the Master's program in "Criminalistic Activity", developed and published the respective manual, revised the syllabuses for “Law” specialty to organize the teaching and learning process in a new way.
It should be noted that not only the students and lecturers of the YGU will have the opportunity to use the modern laboratory equipment and clinics, but also other specialists in this field, including students and lecturers from other Armenian universities.
As the grant project manager presented, availability of modern equipment as a result of the project will promote mutually beneficial cooperation with the partners of the university. Going forward to expanding the capabilities of the efficient use of the existing infrastructures, the first steps have been taken by the university: meetings with leading specialists in the field have already been held, active cooperation with Armenian higher education institutions and research and expertise centers has begun. Such kind of steps can contribute to the continuity and sustainability of the project, which becomes an important condition for further project effectiveness, in the presence of created infrastructure.


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