Monitoring of preschool projects in Aragatsotn


On October 31 and November 1, the representatives of the subcomponent ''Increasing the level of readiness of children to school and ensuring equal opportunities for education'' of the Center for Education Projects PIU visited RA Aragatsotn region in the context of activities carried out in the framework of ''Education Improvement'' Project. The aim of the working visit was the monitoring of the ongoing works of micro-projects being implemented in following communities of RA Aragatsotn region; Ujan, Agarak, Avan, Voskevaz, Voskehat, Katnaghbour, Arayi and Vardenis . The pre-schools have already been functioning since October 1, 2017. During the working visit the representatives of the subcomponent have been presented the comfortable restrooms and colorful playrooms completely furnished with new furniture and necessary stationery.
“I believe the new pre-school will be a starting point for further improving life in the village”, said, A. Harutyunyan, School Director of the primary school after Z. Andranik of Ujan village.
The new pre-schools have all necessary facilities: completely furnished playrooms, comfortable wardrobes, colorful shelves full of toys and books.
“We are excited. It is very important for the community to have a pre-school. It’s how we can raise and educate our children properly. Our hope is that such projects will vastly improve possibilities of social development in the village.” said N. Hovhannisyan, the School Director of Voskevaz village. All directors of the pre-school institutions involved in the micro-projects state that created favorableconditions will increase the effectiveness and quality of the educational process.




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