Interactive virtual laboratories for schools


An additional assistant for pupils and teachers is joined in this academic year in order to organize the learning process more effectively. Within the frameworks of the Center for Education Projects PIU "Integration of Information and Communication Technologies in General Education System" subcomponent activities, an electronic educational materials from Geometry, Physics, Chemistry and Biology had been developed including both interactive virtual laboratories and relevant theoretical part. The teaching material included in each of the abovementioned subjects is consisted from the following sections; exhibition, laboratory work, practical work, interactive work. Complex teaching process for the certain topics becomes easier via application of virtual laboratory work and visualized presentation (including graphics and animations) of the theoretical part especially the most difficult sections. Harutyun Gharibjanyan, the Head of the subcomponent " Improvement of Data Collection and Monitoring Progress in Education System" of the "Education Improvement" project mentiones that;“The learning of the material included in the Interactive work section becomes an easy and exciting process thanks to games and practical work”. According to the feedback received by the teachers, the innovative ways of teaching and learning also change the ordinary lesson practice in classrooms; moreover; the technologies introduce new requirements to pupils; besides their basic capabilities they acquire communication and information management skills. The launch of the establishment of these virtual educational labs was in 2015 in the frameworks of the “Education Quality and Relevance” second project, but after the completion of that project 50% of electronic educational materials missing for the subjects physics, chemistry and biology, which is being currently covered under the Education Improvement project .The works are in the final stage and now electronic learning materials are available at web site, where you can download both certain laboratory works and use them online. Besides, it is possible to add, remove or edit already existing electronic content in this system. Virtual laboratories can replace the physical laboratories especially for those schools where those physical laboratories are missing. Their use will foster the efficiency of the teaching and learning process, will stimulate the creative atmosphere created in the classrooms. The main objective of virtual laboratories is to provide an innovative and relevant organization of the educational process, which will contribute to the overall improvement of the teaching and learning process.



17.09.2019 The staff of the National Center of Education Technologies will resume its work in completely new offices soon The staff of the National Center of Education Technologies (NaCET) will resume its work in completely new offices soon. The center’s building has been retrofitted to higher seismic and safety standards, and furnished under the World Bank Education project.  05.09.2019 Five new preschools in Gegharkunik Marz, RA On 1st of Sptember Arayik Harutyunyan, minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of RA, on the occasion of Knowledge Day visited a number of schools in Gegharkunik Marz, where new preschools opened this year. The first stop of the minister was Norashen community. This 1st of September was a double holiday for the residents of Norashen.The preschool of Norashen secondary school has opened its doors to the dearest pupils for the first time. The preschool was set up under the auspices... 13.08.2019 Construction works in RA Armavir Region Educational Establishments is being Summed up. Within the first ten days of August in the frameworks of the "Education Improvement " credit project and in the context of the sub-component "Promoting Readiness of Schoolchildren and Equal Opportunities at the Start of General Education ", the CEP PIU representatives conducted a working visit to the educational institutions included in the Armavir region microprograms . The aim of the working visit was to monitor the on going renovation activities being implemented...