Monitoring Visit to the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport


      The representatives of Centre for Education Projects PIU and of the RA Ministry of Education and Science visited the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport on June 7. The purpose of the visit was the monitoring of the ongoing grant project in the frames of the (CIF) Competitive Innovation Fund. The representatives were introduced with current work of grant project implemented within CIF. It should be mentioned that the project implementation which is called “Professional educational modernization and improvement in the physical culture and sport sphere”, was launched in January 2017, when 6 universities got CIF grants within the additional stage. The duration of the project is 24 months. Through the project the institute intends to modernize and revise the educational programs, to strengthen the capacities of the institute by creating modern scientific research centre of physical culture and sport with interactive auditorium and hall for online conferences and seminars.
In the frames of the project it is planned to renovate the area of the laboratory, to procure, laboratory equipment, hardware and software, as well furniture. It is also planned to modernize and improve education in the sphere of physical culture and sport, revise curriculum and subject syllabuses, bringing them in correspondence with the standards for comprehensive educational environment.
The project is being implemented according to 4 stages. At the end of the first stage the renovation of interactive auditorium and conference hall was completed. The renovation of the laboratory area is also at the final stage. Procurement and delivery of the furniture and stationary was completed. Shopping for the procurement of hardware is in the final phase. Delivery of the first lot of the laboratory equipment is in process. During this period the university organized a seminar beyond the grant project budget, inviting international counsultant. The rector of the university greeted the members of the group, stating that the CIF grant project served as a basis for the institute in terms of being more proactive . The grant project manager, the head of the quality assurance unit Araik Gyozalyan informed, that the project will enable provision of comprehensive research in the sphere of physical culture and sport.
It should be added that the laboratory to be established at the institute will improve the quality of education in the sphere of physical culture and sport.



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