Working Visit to Shirak State University.


   The monitoring of 12 current grant projects within the framework of Competitive Innovation Fund was summarized. The last meeting was held at Shirak State University (SSU). The monitoring was conducted by the representatives of the ''Center for Education Projects'' PIU. The project manager Hovik Melqonyan introduced to the current current situation with the “Ensuring Balanced Regional Development through Shirak State University Strengthening and Diversification of Educational Services” grant project. Within the framework of the project it is planned to establish an educational center of additional and continuous /lifelong/ learning, equipped by necessary software and hardware and including 2 resource centers. The project will also foster modernization of the whole teaching and learning process through the development and integration of “Organization of Inclusive Education” and “Development of Sustainable Tourism and Organization of Sports and Cultural Events” compulsory training courses. The project which aims «Strengthening of Shirak State University /SSU/ and ensuring balanced development of Shirak marz” was launched in January 2017 CIF grants were provided to 6 higher education institutions. As a results of the monitoring it was fixed that the list of beneficiaries of the grant project was defined, and on March 24 of this year the first workshop was held for the beneficiaries. The publicity of the grant project was ensured through the regional TV channel and SSU website. The participants walked around the territory of the university and got acquainted with the process of repairing, stating that the works on renovation of the two resource centers is completed, and the renovation of the hall is in the process. The furniture of one of the resource centers has already been purchased and installed as an additional investment by the university. The delivery of other furniture requested for the project is in the process. The procurement of the necessary stationery has already been completed. The university soon will start the process of procurement of required hardware. The project manager informed that the works of involvement of consultant for preparation of professional web-site for electronic education are also in the final stage. In the near future the works on development of educational materials in two directions will be launched; that is to say the organization of inclusive education and development of sustainable tourism and organization of sports and cultural events. The participants discussed also the timetable of the action plan, and other questions concerning the project implementation. The participants confirmed that the enrichment of the material and technical base, introduction of new educational technologies, creation and expansion of the collaborative network will contribute to the strengthening of the university and will raise its ranking. 


17.09.2019 The staff of the National Center of Education Technologies will resume its work in completely new offices soon The staff of the National Center of Education Technologies (NaCET) will resume its work in completely new offices soon. The center’s building has been retrofitted to higher seismic and safety standards, and furnished under the World Bank Education project.  05.09.2019 Five new preschools in Gegharkunik Marz, RA On 1st of Sptember Arayik Harutyunyan, minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of RA, on the occasion of Knowledge Day visited a number of schools in Gegharkunik Marz, where new preschools opened this year. The first stop of the minister was Norashen community. This 1st of September was a double holiday for the residents of Norashen.The preschool of Norashen secondary school has opened its doors to the dearest pupils for the first time. The preschool was set up under the auspices... 13.08.2019 Construction works in RA Armavir Region Educational Establishments is being Summed up. Within the first ten days of August in the frameworks of the "Education Improvement " credit project and in the context of the sub-component "Promoting Readiness of Schoolchildren and Equal Opportunities at the Start of General Education ", the CEP PIU representatives conducted a working visit to the educational institutions included in the Armavir region microprograms . The aim of the working visit was to monitor the on going renovation activities being implemented...