Signing grant agreements in the framework of CIF additional cycle


     On December 23 2016 grant agreements were signed between ''Center for Education Projects" PIU of the Ministry of Education and Science and six universities of the Republic of Armenia in the framework of Competitive Innovation Fund (CIF). Note that the additional cycle of Competitive Innovation Fund launched on July 25 2016 and deadline for grant proposals is set on October 25th, 2016. Accordingly, those universities got an opportunity to take part in grant competition with additional cycle that had institutional or conventional institutional accreditation and hadn't acted as CIF grantee before its pilot or first stages. "Center for Education Projects" PIU organized and carried out two-day workshop on September 27-28 in order to assist in the process of the development and submission of grant applications meeting the defined requirements and making the process of preparation of grant projects more coordinated and efficient. We should add that nine grant proposals have been submitted by eight universities in the defined deadline. "Center for Education Projects" PIU has checked their eligibility and completeness, then the Proposal Review Panel experts evaluated all the eligible and complete applications. On December 15 2016, based on the evaluation results CIF Steering Committee decided to award grants to the first six highest ranked universities at the session, which are Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport, Shirak State University, Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan, Yerevan State Conservatory, Gladzor University, Northern University.
As a result, grant agreements were signed between the mentioned universities and "Center for Education Projects" PIU, which will be followed by the process of the implementation of grant projects. We should add that in 2013 grants were provided to 10 universities in the CIF pilot stage, the implementation of 6 grant pilots are in process for a year by the CIF first cycle - 5 consortium projects and one separate university project.



07.06.2019 The Monitoring of CIF Grant Project has been Summed up at SSU The representatives of the CFEP PIU were at Shirak State University named after M. Nalbandyan (SSU) on a working visit on June 4. The purpose of the visit was the final monitoring of the university's grant project within the framework of Competitive Innovation Fund of Higher Education in Armenia. SSU project manager Hovik Melqonyan welcomed the CFEP PIU representatives. He noted that the implementation of such kind of projects moves the university's activity and its rating to a new... 16.04.2019 Distance education program in Northern University byGrant Project of Competitive Innovation Fund (CIF) The presentation of results of grant project “Organization of distance learning courses with the combination of distance learning technologies” within the frameworks of Competitive Innovation Fund (CIF) of Armenian Higher Education took place in Northern University on April 12. It should be noted, that thegrant program was launched two years ago and today the participants summarize the work, speak about difficulties and achievements.The presentation of the course of distance... 15.04.2019 Rehabilitation of the New Area of National Center for Educational Technologies is being Summarized. Within the frameworks of the project "Education Improvement", the renovation works of the new area of National Center for Educational Technologies (NCET) SNCO started in April 2018. "Center for Educational Programs" PIU employees carry out monitoring visits during capital repair works of the area of NCET, in the frameworks of which on April 8, the PIU representatives visited the construction site, got acquainted with the ongoing repair works and discussed a number of...