One-week monitoring of the first stage of CIF grant programs is summarized


     On December 15 one-week monitoring of current grant programs at universities is summarized in the framework of Competitive Innovation Fund of higher education of Armenia. The last meeting was held at the National University of Architecture and Construction in Armenia (NUACA). The monitoring was conducted by the representatives of RA Ministry of Education and Science and Centre for Education Projects PIU. The participants accompanied by NUACA representatives walked around the university area and got acquainted with the activities of the establishment of educational and research experimental laboratory for Architectural and construction professions in the framework of CIF. Guests were greeted by the rector of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, Gagik Galstyan. He noted that grant programs promote the process of modernization and reform of education in terms of making it more complete, which the university carries out constantly expanding the scope of cooperation. A number of issues related to the organization of further activities and processes intended by the grant program were discussed during the meeting. Note that the second stage of the grant program ''The modernization of the curriculum of architectural and construction professions by the establishment of educational and research experimental laboratory equipped with the latest technologies'' ends in December 2016. As a result of the monitoring of this stage the participants confirmed that improvement activities of laboratory space were completed, the acquisition process of experimental devices, and significant part of other necessary equipment was summarized. Acquired laboratory equipment, fixtures and facilities were installed in the respective laboratories. Measurement activities are launched. The purchase of the materials necessary for the experiments is in process. Note that the acquisition of furniture, computer equipment, air conditioning and security systems designed for the laboratory was implemented in the first stage of the grant program. The furnishing of research experimental and classroom part of the laboratory is implemented. The training for teaching laboratory personnel is in process. Observing laboratory equipment, Mihran Yumukyan, an individual consultant providing professional support to Centre for Education Projects PIU during the grant project, discussed a number of issues related to the use of necessary laboratory equipment and to ensuring the necessary conditions for experiments.
The head of NUACA grant program, Varazdat Hovhannisyan, informed that a business trip is planned to Moscow State Construction University in the context of the project, where there is a similar laboratorial base. There are bilateral agreements with this institution. The project manager also said that educational programs of seven specialties included in humanities, natural sciences and technical courses will be developed in future for organizing architectural and construction education in a new way, the review processes of educational programs are in process. The process of further certification of research activities will launch soon. We should add that in the near future such centres equipped with modern devices will become a new standard of quality not only for NUACA, but also for this field in general.


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