Students can now perform experiments with advanced equipment


Within the frameworks of the sub-component “ Equipping General Education Schools" of the EIP AF loan project the “Center for Education Projects” PIU representatives conducted a monitoring visit to the educational institutions of Armavir Region. The visits started from Armavir basic school No.3.
Participants, accompanied by the school director R. Alaverdyan , took part in the process of using modern equipment of the laboratories being created in the field of natural sciences. The representatives of the CEP PIU talked with the school director about the importance and effectiveness of the project, presented the planned works and the implementation process of the project. Due to director R. Alaverdyan, provided laboratory equipment will be applicable on a daily basis during the lessons. “Innovative laboratories in general education institutionsare very important for the development of the natural sciences. They will provide children with the opportunity to pursue professional orientation, as well as become competitive specialists in the modern world and combine the theoretical knowledge they have gained with practice. Receiving natural science laboratories have been a dream for us, and we've been waiting for these devices for a long time”,-added the director.
During the visit, Mher Melik-Bakhshyan, the Head of the sub-component "Equipping General Education Schools" stated that the newly established laboratories will help to attract interest in the natural sciences, and teachers will be able to strengthen the knowledge they pass through practical training. "Only theoretical teaching of natural subjects does not develop practical skills and abilities of students, they are formed during laboratory, demonstration experiments. Now students can practice the theoretical part of their study, perform complex chemical experiments on their own.”,- added M. Melik-Bakhshyan .
The representatives of the CEP PIU visited schools of Argavand, Vagharshapat and Sardarapat communities .



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