Working meeting at the Center for Education Projects


Within the frames of the the sub-component "Equipping General Education Schools " of the EIP AF loan project, in July 01 the needs assessment activities in the educatiaonal institutions of Armavir Region of RA has started In this context in September 09, a meeting was held in the office of CEP PIU with the participation of CEP PIU representatives and Naira Sargsyan, the head of the education department of Armavir Regional Administrtaion of the RA. During the meeting, Mher Melik-Bakhshyan, the Head of the "Equipping General Education Schools" sub-component focused on the planned projects which would be implemented in the region with the co-financing of the World Bank within the frameworks of the EIP AF loan project, specifically referring to the provision of science and engineering laboratory equipment, furniture and materials to general education schools of the region. N. Sargsyan ensured that she would support the projects as much as possible and was ready to make every possible effort for the successful implementation of the grant-projects. She also stressed, that the Regional Administration was ready for purposeful and cooperative work and assured that the results of joint work will be visible shortly Referring to possible problems during the establishment of laboratories and their solution, N. Sargsyan emphasized the importance of making the connection between the Regional Administration and the Center for Education Projects more clos and more efficient, which would result on more coordinated and effective implementation of the projects. The representatives of the CEP PIU discussed with N. Sargsyan the planned activities, the process of project implementation and clarified the list of educational institutions. Let's remind that from August 2 to 5, "Equipping General Education Schools " sub-component representatives had conducted visits to a number of educational institutions of city Armavir and of the communities of the Region, in particular educational institutions of Tandzut, Argavandi, Pshatavan, Janfida, Haykavan, Getasheni, Amasiya, Bambakashat, Jarasheni. Sardarapati, Metsamor, Norapati, Berkashati, Yervandashati, Arevik, Aygeshat, Mrgashat, Dalarik communities had been visited to conduct needs assessment and record the availability of basic infrastructure for further establishment of laboratories. 


29.12.2022 Happy New Year and Merry Christmas Dear All The “Center for Education Projects” PIU congratulates you on the occasion of the New Year and Christmas Eve. On the eve of the New Year, we are pleased to re-evaluate the notable events of the past twelve months ... As a result of effective and coordinated work we have implemented a number of projects covering all levels of education from pre-school to higher education. 2022 is coming to an end, and thanks to our productive work during this year, many... 22.12.2022 EU4 Innovation STEM project has been summarized EU4 Innovation STEM project aims to assist in building capacity of the National Center for Education Development and Innovation (NCEDI) to regulate policies affecting teaching quality and support for STEM education through acquisition of equipment. The project consists of the following main components: “Increasing capacity of the NCEDI to better regulate policies affecting the professional development of teachers” and “Improving the STEM learning environment in selected... 25.10.2022 A two-day workshop was held in CEP PIU office within the framework of CIF cycle of EIP AF On October 20-21 a two-day workshop with the participation of the representatives from potential beneficiaryinstitutions (both state and private) as well as with the participation of CEP PIU program, financial and procurement staff was held inthe CEP PIU office. The main purpose of the organized meeting was to thoroughly discuss all issues related to overallproject implementation including the procedures related to filling out grant proposals, the sizes of the provided grants, the...