The Needs Assessment Process has Started in Armavir Region of RA


Within the framework of the EIP AF grant project, the "Equipping General Education Schools" sub-component started the needs assessment process in the Armavir Region of RA on July 29. In the context of the process, the head of the sub-component M. Melik-Bakhshyan, coordinators N. Asryan and A. Hovsepyan visited 9 educational establishments of Armavir city, where they carried out studies, observation and measurements of the area, assessment of needs in each school in order to ensure the availability of basic infrastructure as well as to introduce a monitoring system for the use of laboratory equipment. The representatives of the SEP PIU talked with the school directors about the importance and necessity of the project, presented the planned works and the implementation process of the project. The needs assessment visits started from Armavir school No. 2. On July 29, the representatives of the CEP PIU visited schools No. 3, No. 5, No. 6, No. 8, No. 9, No. 10 of Armavir. It should be noted that the "Equipping General Education schools" sub-component is aimed at improving the teaching and learning conditions of public schools by providing science and engineering laboratory equipment, furniture and materials to about 200 public schools. Let's remind that the schools will be selected from the entire territory of the republic, except for the schools of the Tavush region of the RA, because the latter's equipment, furniture, materials and training will be provided within the frameworks of the EU for innovation program. It should be noted that it is also planned to develop and provide training materials for teachers and headmasters, along with a manual and demonstration videos, which will cover the operation and routine maintenance of laboratory equipment, as well as the use of this equipment in the classroom, using modern teaching methodologies and digital teaching aids. Thus, within the framework of the "Equipping General Education schools" sub-component, the needs assessment process is in the process in the Armavir region of the Republic of Armenia. 


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