Monitoring visit to ASIPCS


On March 30, the representatives of the "Center for Education Projects" PIU paid a working visit to the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport (ASIPCS). The aim of the visit was to monitor the activities of the “Sport Cab” Research Center established in 2018 and the works carried out at the Center within the framework of the Competitive Innovation Fund (CIF) grant project of Higher Education of Armenia. It should be mentioned, that within the frameworks of “Modernization and improvement of professional education in the field of physical culture and sport” grant project modernization and revision of professional educational programs has been carried out, a modern and unique research center in the region for physical culture and sport, equipped with unique laboratory equipment, an interactive classroom as well as a hall for online consultations and seminars, has been established which is aimed at strengthening the capacities of the University. The members of the working group at the University were greeted by the University rector Davit Khitaryan. He noted that the "Sport Cab" research center, established within the frameworks of the grant project, is of great importance from the point of view of modernizing education and completing the internationalization process at the University. Representatives of the CEP PIU discussed issues related to the infrastructures created at the University within the framework of the grant project, their practical applicability, operation, use and maintenance of equipment, emphasizing once again the importance of ensuring the continuation and practical use of the grant project. Accompanied by Angela Nushikyan, vice-rector for External Relations and International Cooperation of the ASIPCS, the participants visited the research center, an interactive classroom, and the conference hall. The representatives of the CEP PIU, as a result of the visit, fixed that the students of ASPICS were carrying out research works together with the YSU students through the laboratory equipment located in the Center. Head of the ASPICS Department of Kinesiology G. Nalbandyan spoke about the potential of laboratory equipment, noting that with their help, the researches included in master theses and graduation theses are being carried out. Due to him, the interactive classroom, equipped with computers containing educational programs, is used for theoretical and practical trainings on a daily basis, and the meetings of the Scientific Council of the ASIPCS and a number of other meetings are constantly held in the conference hall. ASIPCS vice-rector L. Stepanyan stated that the University also creates appropriate educational content in order to make the best use of the opportunities of the modern research center of physical culture and sports in the educational process. Professional educational programs have been reviewed. He mentioned: ”Due to the epidemic, many international programs did not become a reality, today we have quite serious preconditions for active and effective cooperation. The University is discussing possible cooperation programs with a number of organizations and educational institutions, steps are being taken again in order to plan and develop the joint international programs",- the vice-rector added. The representatives of the University noted once again, that the Center equipped with modern equipment, interactive classroom, hall, established within the frameworks of the grant project, create great opportunities to organize education at the University with new content and methods, at the same time providing students with a practical learning base and opportunities. The Center established at the University is also important from the point of view of cooperation with the beneficiary organizations and institutions of the field.



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