The Grant Project of BSU Sums up One Year


Representatives of the Center for Education Projects PIU and MESCS paid a working visit to the Brusov State University (BSU) on July 24. The purpose of the visit was the monitoring of the ongoing grant program of the Competitive Innovation Fund (CIF) of Higher Education of Armenia.The members of the working group were greeted by the rector of the university Karine Harutyunyan, she emphsized that the establishment of the “HayLingvoTech” Center of Excellence will allow the development of applied linguistics, technology-based education in the field of educational sciences, promote the full application of the Armenian language in digital infrastructures, and the introduction of "Computational Linguistics" and "Simultaneous Translation" professional educational programs will enable to train specialists, who will workwith the primary tools of large-scale automatic data processing.The working group, accompanied by Kristina Tsaturyan, the grant project manager of BSU, visited the areas allocated for the Language technologies and resources research laboratory, scientific-educational events hall, and students' technical auditorium within the framework of the grant project, which were completely renovated by the university.The three halls were already equipped with the necessary furniture andcomputer equipment purchased within the frameworks of the project.It should be reminded that the implementation of the project started in July 2019.It should be noted that within the framework of the BSU grant project it is planned to establish a “HayLingvoTech” Center for Excellence in Language and Educational Technologies; equipped with the necessary equipment, property and software packages, to develop the center's charter and concept, to introduce the "Computational Linguistics" and "Simultaneous Translation" professional educational programs and Armenian language proficiency levels' online assessment toolset.One must note that the establishment of the Center of Excellence is carried out in accordance with the 4 stages defined by the grant project schedule.The second phase of the grant project is coming to an end in July of this year.In order to make the best use of the opportunities of the Center of Excellence in the educational process, the university also creates appropriate educational content.Due to the grant project manager K. Tsaturyan, the relevant working groups consisting of individual consultants are working on the development of "Simultaneous Translation" master's degree and "Computational Linguistics" bachelor's degree professional educational programs.The manager of the grant project mentioned that the concept of development of the charter of "HayLingvoTech" center,the works of digital web resources aimed at providing the basis for the full functioning of the Armenian language in digital infrastructures,establishment of assessment and testing tools, implementation of research works on them,as well as the development of job descriptions for individual consultants to improve the level of knowledge of Armenian as a mother tongue and a foreign languagehas been launched.She stressed that the implementation of the grant project will allow training of vital specialists in the fields of Computational Linguistics, Simultaneous Translation, Education Assessment and Testing.



23.12.2020 Data Collection was Summarized in the Context of the Implementation of Micro-Projects Within the framework of the sub-component "Promoting Readiness of Schoolchildren and Equal Opportunities at the Start of General Education՞ of the loan project of "Education Improvement" the data collection was summarized in all regions of the Republic of Armenia and in the city of Yerevan about the preschools established as a result of the "Education Improvement" loan project during 2015-2020. The data collection was carried out as a result of joint work with the... 20.12.2020 Working Visit to RA Ararat Region On December 8, the representatives of the subcomponent ''Increasing the level of readiness of children to school and ensuring equal opportunities for education'' of the Center for Education Projects PIU visited RA Ararat region in the context of activities carried out in the framework of ''Education Improvement'' Project. The aim of the working visit was the monitoring of the ongoing works of micro-projects being implemented in following communities of... 16.12.2020 Working Visit to High Schools of Yerevan and RA Shirak Region The representatives of CEP PIU during the whole rehabilitation period and as well in December visited the RA regions for the purpose of technical monitoring of the quality and temps of rehabilitation works of high schools in the frameworks of Education Improvement Project. The visits were carried out by the representatives of the “Support to the development of the third level of secondary school” subcomponent of PIU - Grigor Baghdasaryan and Rafael Arzumanyan. The representatives...