CIF Grant Projects Sum up One Year


The two-week monitoring of the second major stage of CIF grant project of the "Education Improvement" loan program started on July 21, which, due to the epidemic, is carried out in a state of emergency, following all of the commandant's instructions, maintaining the necessary social distance and ensuring mandatory security conditions.Within the framework of the second monitoring visits, on July 21, the representatives of the "Center for Education Projects" PIU paid the first working visit to Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi (YSMU).YSMU grant project manager K. Yenkoyanand project coordinator S. Kocharyan presented the current works on the establishment of a "Scientific-Educational Center for Brain Basic Research" to be established within the framework of the second main stage of the CIF.One year after the start of the program, the third phase of the grant project is in progress.It should be noted that a modern and powerful center is being established at the State Medical University after Heratsi, which can become a platform for excellence in the development of basic science, an exemplary form of research-oriented education aimed at creating a new culture of higher education.The establishment of the center will contribute to the implementation of the university's strategy for the development of the science, the development of innovative research in the field of neuroscience, introduction of an incubator for young professionals with research skills, introduction of new scientific-educational programs for students and postgraduate students.According to the YSMU vice-rector for science, grant project manager, professor Konstantin Yenkoyan, the grant program is ambitious, but very realistic; and the creation of a modern, powerful infrastructure will increase the international visibility of YSMU.The manager of the grant project spoke about the work done, as well as detailed the results expected from the project and further goals.During the visit, the members of the working group discussed with the staff of the grant project the activities envisaged by the project schedule, the process of their implementation.Grant project manager K. Yenkoyan noted that the project of the territory of the newly established laboratory is already being summed up by the relevant company, after which according to the university, the relevant processes of selecting the company for the implementation of construction works will start.At the same time, according to the manager of the grant project, the preparation of a tender package for the purchase of laboratory equipment is currently in the process.Due to the coordinator of the grant project, a number of steps have been taken to modernize the content of the YSMU educational process. S Kocharyan introduced the process of cooperation with the consortium partners.It should be mentioned thatthe process of development scientific-educational programs for teaching modern research methods, the development of scientific research programs with the introduction of the latest research methods, and the publication of scientific results are in progress by the consortium member institutions established within the framework of the grant project; these institutions are; “L.A.Orbeli Institute of Physiology NAS RA” and “Synchrotron Research Institute CANDLE”.The development of a bilingual curriculum for students, graduate students, postgraduate students, researchers, postgraduate education, as well as skills development training manuals for professionals working in the field is alsoin the process.Accompanied by the manager of the YSMU grant project, the working group of the CEP PIU visited the storage area of the YSMU, where the already supplied stationery, office and laboratory furniture were stored.Grant project manager also mentioned that they will be placed in the planned areas after the construction of the Center.It must be reminded that the "Practical Simulation Training Center" has been operating at Yerevan State Medical University since 2015, and the "Dental Education Excellence Center" has been operating since 2018, which were established with a CIF grant.



23.12.2020 Data Collection was Summarized in the Context of the Implementation of Micro-Projects Within the framework of the sub-component "Promoting Readiness of Schoolchildren and Equal Opportunities at the Start of General Education՞ of the loan project of "Education Improvement" the data collection was summarized in all regions of the Republic of Armenia and in the city of Yerevan about the preschools established as a result of the "Education Improvement" loan project during 2015-2020. The data collection was carried out as a result of joint work with the... 20.12.2020 Working Visit to RA Ararat Region On December 8, the representatives of the subcomponent ''Increasing the level of readiness of children to school and ensuring equal opportunities for education'' of the Center for Education Projects PIU visited RA Ararat region in the context of activities carried out in the framework of ''Education Improvement'' Project. The aim of the working visit was the monitoring of the ongoing works of micro-projects being implemented in following communities of... 16.12.2020 Working Visit to High Schools of Yerevan and RA Shirak Region The representatives of CEP PIU during the whole rehabilitation period and as well in December visited the RA regions for the purpose of technical monitoring of the quality and temps of rehabilitation works of high schools in the frameworks of Education Improvement Project. The visits were carried out by the representatives of the “Support to the development of the third level of secondary school” subcomponent of PIU - Grigor Baghdasaryan and Rafael Arzumanyan. The representatives...