The grant project monitoring of the CIF additional stage has been launched


      The representatives of the Centre for Education Projects PIU visited Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU) after Khachatur Abovyan on June 6. The purpose of the visit was the monitoring of the ongoing grant project under (CIF) Competitive Innovation Fund. Vice-Chancellor of the ASPU, the grant project manager M. Melik-Bakhshyan introduced the ongoing work under the project in regard to the establishement of multimedia laboratory, research auditoriums and electronic platform. The project implementation was launched in 2017 January, when 6 universities got CIF grants within the additional stage. It should be mentioned that within the ASPU grant project it is intended to create a multimedia laboratory, two multimedia research auditoriums, also to develop an electronic platform and train the staff in the direction of innovatory practical and research skills in the pre-school and primary educational sphere, which comply with modern educational standards. The establishment of multimedia research auditoriums and laboratory will promote implementation of researches and other projects, will provide necessary electronic materials for education. Multimedia laboratory will be equipped with comprehensive software and electronic resources. Establishement of laboratory, auditoriums and development of all the electronic resources is being implemented according to the 4 stages of the grant project. During the monitoring the area for the laboratory and auditoriums was presented. The representatives of the university also stated that the works on assessment of the needs for electronic platform as well as the development of the technical specifications for the electronic platform already started. The project manager told that the works on development of technical specifications of the electronic resources as well as the design for the laboratory and auditoriums are being organized. It should be noted that in the Armenian State Pedagogical University 4 educational laboratories have being established in 2015 in the frames of the “Education Quality and Relevance” Second Credit Project. The attendees were expecting that this laboratory would also be integrated in the teaching, learning and research activities of the university improving the overall quality of education in those specializations.  


25.10.2022 A two-day workshop was held in CEP PIU office within the framework of CIF cycle of EIP AF On October 20-21 a two-day workshop with the participation of the representatives from potential beneficiaryinstitutions (both state and private) as well as with the participation of CEP PIU program, financial and procurement staff was held inthe CEP PIU office. The main purpose of the organized meeting was to thoroughly discuss all issues related to overallproject implementation including the procedures related to filling out grant proposals, the sizes of the provided grants, the... 20.10.2022 The World Bank Education team met with CEP PIU staff and discussed the ongoing activities in the frames of the "Education Improvement Project Additional Financing" loan program During October 05-11, 2022 the World Bank (WB) Education team, visited Armenia to meet with RA Authorities and discuss the development priorities of the sector and to find out the possible scope and nature of further cooperation between the RA government and the World Bank.During the visit on October 7 the World Bank delegation met with the “Center for Education Projects” PIU staff.The mission was led by Ms. Renata Freitas Lemos(Senior Economist, Task TeamLeader)and also... 11.10.2022 Working Visit to the Educational Institutions of Gegharqunik Region of RA Within the frameworks of the "Education Improvement Project " with Additional Financing (EIP AF) the sub-component ''Promoting School Readiness and Equal Opportunities at the Start of General Education '' continues its activities. In this context the establishment of new pre-schools will launch this year in the communities of RA five regions. On October 6 and 7 the representatives of the sub-component ''Promoting School Readiness and Equal...