Continuous cooperation between Yerevan State Medical University and ''Center for Education Projects'' PIU


The cooperation between Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) and ''Center for Education Projects'' PIU was launched on September 5, 2013, when the grant contract was signed between YSMU and ''Center for Education Projects'' PIU, which is funded within the framework of Competitive Innovation Fund. This contract became basis for the establishment of ''Simulation training center of practical skills'' in YSMU, which is unique in its own way. The grant project was implemented within the framework of ''Education Quality and Relevance'' Second Project, when grant agreements were signed with 10 universities for the implementation of innovative projects. As a result, ''Simulation training center of practical skills'' was established, including the following components: resuscitation, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, therapy. Today the simulation center is equipped with the appropriate plaster cast, movers, computers containing educational programs and furniture. It creates opportunities to use computer programs and distance learning elements in YSMU educational process for learning differential diagnosis and the disease process. A new method of medical education - simulation training was introduced in education system of the university through the center, which makes it possible to clearly improve the practical skills of students and reduce the number of medical errors in professional activities. The opening ceremony of the center took place in December 2014. Infrastructures created as a result of the implementation of the grant project, today are used for theoretical and practical classes almost every day. Today the simulation training center of practical skills is used by over 2633 students during the semester. In 2015-2016 academic year differential verification stage of practical skills has been conducted in the three disciplines: surgery, obstetrics-gynecology, therapy. The center cooperates with organizations, such as the Moscow State Medical University after Sechenov and Russian company ''ROSOMED'' of medical simulation education. Vocational trainings in innovative methodology of medical education are carried out in the simulation center. Specifically, 214 nurses of Mouratsan Medical Center have been trained in the center. The effective operation of simulation training center of practical skills became a stimulus for the cooperation between Yerevan State Medical University and ''Center for Education Projects'' PIU. In December, 2015 the activities of the establishment of ''Center of Excellence in Dental Education'' were launched by CIF grant received within the framework of ''Education Improvement'' Project. The activities of the establishment of ''Center of Excellence in Dental Education'' are in progress today within the framework of grant project. The new center will be equipped with equipment, models, simulators and reserves of materials contributing to the development of practical skills and clinical thinking. The design of reconstruction and renovation activities of the territory for the center has already been completed. The necessary furniture and computer equipment have been obtained. Renovation activities are launched. The acquisition process of dental simulators and materials are in progress. It is planned to develop, prepare and print educational and methodological manuals in Armenian language in four professional disciplines: pediatric, orthopedic, surgical, therapeutic dentistry within the framework of the program. Similar centers established by CIF grant scheme enhance the quality and effectiveness of education and develop practical skills of students, minimizing the number of medical errors during professional activities. 


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