The focus of the Center for Education Projects (CEP) is the process of reviewing the state and subject standards of general education


The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport (MESCS), RA has started the process of reviewing the state and subject standards of general education. On 22nd of November, in this context, a two-day workshop has been launched in MESCS within the frameworks of the “Education Improvement” loan program of the “Center for Educatl Projects” PIU, which is aimed at reviewing and reforming the content of education. It should be noted that the program of reviewing state and subject standards of general education is implemented by local and international experts. The two-day workshop was led by an education expert, Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research Pratt Institute, New York, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Vladimir Briller. The workshop was attended by the representatives of MESCS, RA and the “Center for Education Projects” PIU, the heads and members of the working groups selected to review state and subject standards of general education.
At the beginning of the meeting, highlighting the importance of reviewing the curriculum and emphasizing its role in the development of the education system, the international expert wished effective work to the workshop participants and expressed hope that a professional debate would take place. Vladimir Briller stated that the international experience and the process of reforms in other countries can be important and useful for the Armenian partners. The workshop participants discussed the subject list, the grading system, the teaching methods, the basic curriculum, the abilities that a graduate student should have, and so on. "The curriculum needs to be made more flexible, it is not the subjects and the workload that should be added, rather than to organize the content properly and talk about many topics in the form of integrated subjects," noted the expert.
A professional discussion took place. The recommendations presented by the working group were analyzed one by one during the discussions, in particular, the expert talked about the possibilities of their implementation.


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