The third stage of the grant project ends in ANAU


On June 9 the representatives of Centre for Education Projects PIU, along with the the Deputy rector and the Project Manager for the CIF grant project of the Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU) Vachagan Melkonyan, visited teaching-experimental farms in Voskehat village located in the Armavir region. The purpose of the visit was the monitoring of the ongoing grant projects implemented in the frames of the Competitive Innovation Fund (CIF). In the result of this grant project, both establishment of complete and effective oenological educational system based on the up-to-date educational and technical basis and launching of an exemplary farm saturated with the modern scientific-industrial techniques and equipment anticipated for the scientific experiments are expected within the framework of the ANAU grant program.
When the participants visited the industrial area, they got acquainted with the ongoing works on the establishment of the Research and Industrial Basis for the Oenological Education. The implementation of the “Development of Scientific-Industrial Component of Oenological Education” grant project was launched in December 2015. The representatives of PIU and the Project Manager V. Melkonian discussed different questions which concern the obtaining, exploitation and consuming of the necessary oenology modern technology. It should be mentioned that the third stage of this project finishes in June of the current year. As a result of the monitoring taken in the end of this stage, the attendees fixed that the reconstruction allocated for the necessary areas is yet in process. The monitoring fixed that such works as fixation of fundamental walls, roof repairing had been finished. Delivery of the equipment is still in process. As the representatives say, the reconstruction will not disturb the process of equipment delivery and will be finished upon delivery schedule. The representatives of PIU offered to pay an additional visit in future to see the end of reconstruction. The Project Manager assured that the respective changes have been incorporated in the educational content enabling the organization of oenology education in a new way. Also comprehensive specialized literature on wine industry was obtained. The Project Manager noted that methodological guidelines and printing for training materials had been carried out. Within the program the members also visited grapes gardens established in the area of 20 hectares. There, according to the university, the increase of new selection varieties has been conducted. By the words of the ANAU representatives, many students take trainings to gain practical skills. During this period the university procured barrels and conducted the preparatory works for the planned seminars. It should also be notes that the creation of Research and Industrial Basis for the Oenological Education will provide the students to obtain practical skills in wine industry, bottling, storing, and will promote the cultivation and investment of new technologies in wine industry.



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