Continuous cooperation between Armenian National Agrarian University and ''Center for Education Projects'' PIU


The cooperation of Armenian National Agrarian University and ''Center for Education Projects'' PIU was launched on September 5, 2013, when Educational Center for Agri-food System (ECAS) was established by the grant contract between the "Center for Education Projects" PIU and ANAU for the purposes of the development of education and counseling, educational and scientific base within the framework of Competitive Innovation Fund (CIF) which is one of the effectively functioning centers in ANAU today. As a result of the effective implementation of ANAU grant project aimed at the promotion of modernity and compliance of education, a training center equipped with modern agricultural techniques was established, which carries out educational, consulting and production exemplary services of agri-food system in the region today, organizes courses in consulting and information areas of agriculture, machinery, bioenergetics. Today it is a unique center in its nature, where training courses and laboratory practical studies are organized for the students of Agricultural University, of its branches, agricultural colleges. Envisaged by the program, training center of Agrifood System was established on the basis of the union of Balahovit and Voskehat training and experimental farms of ANAU. Various agricultural equipment and technology have been purchased for the establishment of Educational Center for Agrifood System (ECAS). Development of the strategy of the center and other related documents, as well as development of relevant educational programs have been implemented within the project. Today, as a result of the performed work, close cooperation between ANAU and farmers is developed and their periodic training and certification is organized. It should benoted that agricultural machinery of the established center was used in 2015-2016 in ANAU educational farms within the framework of haying. Today continuous seminar-consultations are conducted with six farms. The center enables the students specializing in agricultural education to acquire practical skills, which are important conditions in terms of providing high quality and modern education. ANAU continues implementation of innovative programs today as well, at the next stage of CIF, within the framework of "Education Improvement" Credit Project. Grant program ''Development of scientific component of winemaking education'' (DSCWE) is in process in ANAU. The implementation of the program was launched in December, 2015. Completely effective education system of winemaking is being created, as well as an exemplary farm equipped with modern scientific techniques for experiments is launched within the grant program. The University has already provided the necessary areas, and improvement activities are in progress. Provurement of the wine-making equipment is in the final stage. Relevant educational materials have been developed for organizing winemaking education in a new way. It should be noted that this grant program will enable students receiving agrarian education to acquire practical skills in the production of wine, as well the newly established specialized auditorium of winemaking will contribute to the development and introduction of new technologies in the wine industry. 


17.09.2019 The staff of the National Center of Education Technologies will resume its work in completely new offices soon The staff of the National Center of Education Technologies (NaCET) will resume its work in completely new offices soon. The center’s building has been retrofitted to higher seismic and safety standards, and furnished under the World Bank Education project.  05.09.2019 Five new preschools in Gegharkunik Marz, RA On 1st of Sptember Arayik Harutyunyan, minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of RA, on the occasion of Knowledge Day visited a number of schools in Gegharkunik Marz, where new preschools opened this year. The first stop of the minister was Norashen community. This 1st of September was a double holiday for the residents of Norashen.The preschool of Norashen secondary school has opened its doors to the dearest pupils for the first time. The preschool was set up under the auspices... 13.08.2019 Construction works in RA Armavir Region Educational Establishments is being Summed up. Within the first ten days of August in the frameworks of the "Education Improvement " credit project and in the context of the sub-component "Promoting Readiness of Schoolchildren and Equal Opportunities at the Start of General Education ", the CEP PIU representatives conducted a working visit to the educational institutions included in the Armavir region microprograms . The aim of the working visit was to monitor the on going renovation activities being implemented...