Working Meeting at YSMU


On December 13 a working meeting was held in Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU). The representatives of RA Ministry of Education and Science and Centre for Education Projects PIU were present at the meeting. The aim of the meeting was the monitoring of the ongoing grant project of Competitive Innovation Fund (CIF) of higher education of Armenia.YSMU grant project coordinator Aram Baykov presented the ongoing activities of the establishment of ''The Centre for Excellence in Dental Education'' founded in the framework of CIF to the representatives of RA Ministry of Education and Science and Centre for Education Projects PIU. He told that it is planned to establish ''The Centre for Excellence in Dental Education'' in the framework of YSMU grant program equipped with devices, models, simulators and cost material reserves contributing to the development of practical skills and critical thinking. The implementation of the grant project was launched in December 2015 in the framework of ''Education Improvement'' Project. The fourth stage of the grant program ends in December 2016, as a result of the monitoring implemented at the end of which, it was confirmed that the design of reconstruction and renovation activities of area designated for the Centre was completed as a result of joint discussions with partners in consortium. The renovation activities will start soon. It is planned to acquire dental equipment and trainers in future, which are devices for wider use for both educational and therapeutic purposes. According to the Project Coordinator, the university attaches particular importance to the issue of cost optimization in this process. The expert hired by CEP for this grant project Mr. Papazyan discussed a number of issues related to the purchase and use of necessary dental equipment and trainers with Project Coordinator Aram Baykov
A. Baikov told that the university implemented the development of renewed educational program and curriculum of the specialization ''Dentistry'' in accordance with the current labor market requirements and international standards, which was approved by the University's educational and methodological board. Final results of the renewed educational program were adjusted to RA National Qualification Framework (NQF). The educational-methodical training of the teaching staff of YSMU was also conducted. In the framework of the project it is planned to develop, compile and publish methodological manuals in Armenian for four professional disciplines: pediatric, orthopedic, surgical, therapeutic dentistry. We should add that the establishment of the Centre for Excellence in Dental Education will not only contribute to increase the quality of dental education, but also will allow to develop practical skills of the students and to minimize the number of medical errors in the course of professional activities.


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